Poetry for Life: Copyright Rules

Participants are required to select, prepare and recite 2 (two) poems from the lists provided by the Organisers. The first poem is to be selected from the list entitled “International Poetry Selection”; and the second poem is to be selected from a list entitled “South African Poetry Selection”. These lists, as well as copies of the poems, are available on the Competition website, www.poetryforlife.co.za  (“the Website”).

Please note that the poems included in these lists and available on the website may qualify as literary works within the meaning of the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 (“the Copyright Act”). To the extent necessary, the Organisers have obtained permission from the authors of the various poems to make limited use of the poems for the purposes of the Competition.  

Participants entering the Competition hereby acknowledge that the poems may be the subject of copyright. Participants are entitled to access the Website and download, reference, reproduce and use the poems for the sole purpose of preparing for and competing in the Competition. Insofar as Participants may need to make reproductions of the poems for purposes of the Competition, Participants hereby undertake that such limited reproductions of the selected poems will only be made and/or used for purposes of preparing and reciting the poems as part of the Competition. Any reproductions shall only be used by Participants, their teachers, tutors and/or parents who are assisting Participants in preparation for the Competition.

Participants are to ensure that at all times the author of selected poems, as displayed on the Website, (the poet) is appropriately recognised and accredited as the author of the poem and that the poem is not distorted or modified in a manner prejudicial to the poet’s honour or reputation. Participants acknowledge that any failure to comply with the provisions set out above may amount to the infringement of the poet’s moral rights in terms of the Copyright Act. 

Under no circumstances are Participants entitled to access, download, reproduce or use any of the Website content or the poems for any purpose other than the purpose expressly set out above. Participants are not granted a licence or any other right to the poems other than as specified in these Rules and the Rules of the Competition.

Participants hereby give the Organisers an indemnity against and shall hold them harmless from all claims, liability, damage, loss, penalty, expense and cost (including legal costs on an attorney and own client scale) of any nature whatsoever which the Organisers may sustain as a result of or attributable to any breach or non-compliance with any of the Participants’ obligations contained in these Rules.

Please note: Copyright permission is outstanding for those South African poems which appear with an asterisks (*) next to the title. We have used, and continue to use, our best endeavours to obtain the necessary permission. In the meantime, the poem is to be used solely for the purpose of allowing a participant to obtain access to and learn the relevant poem for this year's competition. 

www.poetryforlife.co.za - 20 April 2019